Professor Annette Cowie discusses how, in the context of climate change, we can enhance productivity and resilience of the land so as to support food production whilst minimising emissions of GHGs, including through the use of biochar.

This podcast explores the complex systems that sustain life on the planet and put food on our tables. It presents an analytic perspective from scholar activists Professor Rachel Wynberg from the University of Cape Town. 

Agroecological practitioner and trainer John Nzira reflects on the hardships inflicted on people by the pandemic and the responses of agroecological producers in southern Africa to use local resources to produce food for their communities, enhancing food sovereignty. The podcast explains the secrets of sustainable production and the importance of conserving water and soil.


In this first episode of the Drynet podcast Patrick Caron explores the weaknesses of the global food system and how these have been exacerbated by the COVID crisis. He identifies pathways that should be supported by policy at all levels of governance to achieve a food secure world. 

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